Dental Health Care in Older Adults

A common misconception is that as you age, you begin to lose your teeth. But this is not true. If you maintain diligent oral health care, your own teeth can last for your whole life. What to Do for Better Oral Health Your mouth does change as you get older. Your teeth... read more

What Is Causing Your TMJ Pain?

A number of factors can contribute to TMJ pain, commonly referred to as temporomandibular joint disorder. Common causes include injury or dislocation, arthritis, misalignment of the teeth and jaw, and teeth grinding. A comprehensive dental examination that includes... read more

Choose the right toothbrush for you

Dental hygiene is very important for a healthy body and brushing and flossing your teeth every day is a big part of it. Over the years, an electric toothbrush has become a great alternative to a manual toothbrush. Though a manual toothbrush is very effective, an... read more

Four Reasons Communities Fluoridate Their Water

Fluoridation of community water is widespread, but many people don’t realize why. Find out four benefits of fluoride for everyone in Reitano. Keeps Kids In School The American Dental Association estimates over 51 million school hours are spent dealing with... read more

How Your Pregnancy Affects Your Teeth

Planning for a new baby involves months of careful preparation. There is a lot to consider, and some of the most important factors are often ignored. One of those factors is enhanced oral health. Pregnancy actually puts a woman at a greater risk for tooth decay. Most... read more

Toothbrush Care: Cleaning, Storing and Replacement

Regular tooth brushing is essential for good oral health and is the key to effective plaque removal. To get the most out of every brushing, it is important to maintain your toothbrush properly. According to the American Dental Association, you should replace your... read more

How Do I Know if I Have Gum Disease?

Gum disease can occasionally lead to more serious conditions. Having regular dental examinations twice a year will be helpful in preventing it or reducing symptoms of gum disease. You may be experiencing gum disease if your gums are reddish, rather than the healthy... read more

Bad Breath: A Symptom of Something More?

Scientists are still studying the link between our gut bacteria and our health. We all know the results that one bad burger or a long course of antibiotics can have on our digestive systems, but sometimes the symptoms of a potential problem are much more subtle. Since... read more

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