Gum Therapy

When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? Do you go regularly or has it been a while? Gum disease also knows as periodontal disease can sneak up on you and steal the supporting bone structure around your natural teeth! In advanced stages it may lead to mobility and eventual tooth loss.

Virginia Beach Gum TherapyThere are a variety of stages of gum disease ranging from inflammation and irritation which require routine dental cleaning to more advanced problems that include more progressive treatment. Unfortunately gum disease often times does not hurt or give a warning of its presence.

A comprehensive dental examination combined with dental x- rays are required for an accurate diagnosis of the stage of the disease. Gum disease is often accompanied by bacterial infections so a variety of medications and treatments may be involved in the fight for healthy gums. The gums are the foundation to the teeth.  We customize your gum therapy based on the stage of periodontal disease that is present.

At Reitano Dentistry we devote our energies to helping you learn ways to battle gum disease and maintain your teeth for a life time!

Virginia Beach Periodontal Disease Therapy

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